Quality control in China ensure profits while preserving the reputation of your business

To prevent any unexpected surprises, let us verify, inspect, control, and report to you beforehand.

Quality control in China

Our service in China secure your deal and fortify business position

Except inspection and control, we can support in other process.

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Conducting counterpart verification and factory audits as part of product quality control in China is paramount for achieving success

Quality control and other inspections conducted last year

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Raw Materials and Supplies

Quality Inspection


Laboratory Test


Quality Control


Counterpart Verify

Company and Storage Existence

Factory Audit

Manufacturing Ability Checkup

Devices Testing


Commissioning Check Up


International standards of quality

We care about your business in China when you're abroad

Reasons to choose our inspection services in China: you’ll be assigned a dedicated personal inspector who will efficiently oversee and promptly report on all aspects.

AOL (Acceptable Quality Limit) and POC (Product Quality Control) inspections are essential steps in every trade deal, particularly when there’s a risk of receiving substandard output. This type of inspection is highly sought after by international importers, which is why it’s a cornerstone of our services in China. Upon your request, we can dispatch an inspector to the product location within 72 hours.

Before signing a contract with any Chinese company and transferring funds, it’s crucial to ensure that your counterpart not only exists, but is also capable and willing to fulfill their obligations. To address this concern, we offer on-site factory audits and supplier verification services.

If you require specialized lab inspections or specific sample analyses, we can locate suitable laboratories and arrange testing in China according to the required international standards. It’s important to note that many lab tests require time, and obtaining test reports promptly may not always be feasible.

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Order fulfillment specialist
Order Manager
International freight specialist
Factory audit specialist
Quality control inspector
Inspection Manager

Our Rates

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Lab testing

from $200
USD / Report

PQC/AQL inspection

from $250
USD / Visit

Factory audit

from $300
USD / Visit

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